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  • August 5, 2014

    My Edinburgh: Sarah Murray

    The owner of designer boutique Jane Davidson shares her secrets of the famous International Festival city

    Sarah Murray owner of designer boutique Jane Davidson, Edinburgh. Sarah Murray owner of designer boutique Jane Davidson, Edinburgh.

    What's your must-see tip for a tourist visiting the city whether it’s festival time or not?
    I love to walk up to the top of Calton Hill and see the amazing view of the city from's only five minutes from the city’s centre and 10 minutes up the hill so it’s super accessible and the views are breathtaking.

    Which restaurant is on your speed dial for…
    It has to be The Honours because it's super stylish and on my doorstep

    …impressing clients
    It would be Ondine - for my all time favourite meal of chilli squid and half lobster

    …romantic nights out
    The Champany Inn in Linlithgow has happy memories because my husband brought me here on our first date

    …family mayhem
    Contini Ristorante with fresh seasonal produce is all about Italian food done super stylishly

    If you were visiting Edinburgh which hotel would you stay in and why?
    The Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh/The Caledonian because the location is amazing, it's super stylish and steeped in local history....and I love to hang out in the lobby/lounge bar Peacock Alley.

    Off-the-beaten track…where is your secret place in the city that you go to when you want to get away from it all?
    I love the Royal Botanic Gardens for a head clearing stroll. It’s just a stone’s throw from the city centre as well. The view back into the city and up to the castle is one of my all time favourites.

    Where do you head when you need to buy a gift for your husband? Peter Johnston for amazing made to measure jackets or the Brotique for beard oils and quirky stocking fillers

    And your favourite shop for treating the kids?
    I love Build a Bear mainly because I can't stop myself styling the bears.

    Where do you go to kick off your heels and enjoy yourself with friends?
    The Devil's Advocate. It’s one of the newest venues in the city. From the same team behind the Bon Vivant in Thistle street it has a laid back fashion vibe.

    Are there any writers that you feel have captured the soul of Edinburgh in a novel? What captivated you about the book?
    I loved Edinburgh girl Lucy Lawrie's Tiny Acts of Love - a funny and honest account of being a new Mum in Edinburgh.

    What are your hot tickets for the festival this year…
    I always like to go and see my ex Glasgow Uni flatmate - the comedian Susan Calman And Best of the Fest can be great fun - but it starts at midnight.

    What's your favourite part of town for walking, meandering and soaking up the atmosphere of the city…?
    The gardens in the New Town and the Botanics.

    If you could advise a first-time visitor on how to survive the festival what would that advice be?
    Read loads of reviews before you book. Don't just rush from show to show. It’s all about quality over quantity. Take some time to sit and soak up the atmosphere. The bars in George Street are perfect for people watching.

    What would be in your must-haves for ‘festival emergencies’ bag?
    An account with central taxis, a sturdy brolly, flat shoes and Nurofen.

    In your opinion what makes Edinburgh such a special city?
    It's cosmopolitan, but a manageable size. Stylish yet steaped in history. It’s vibrant and chilled at the same time.

    Your perfect Begg scarf to take you to the Festival and beyond?
    I would choose the wispy fine oversized cashmere scarf. Because it's a forever piece in a flattering neutral. Fine enough to wear during summer in Scotland and large enough to serve as a handy travel wrap.

  • August 1, 2014

    100 Years of E. Marinella

    Image Courtesy of The Rake Online Image Courtesy of The Rake Online

    Begg & Co would like to congratulate our customer E. Marinella Napoli and the Marinella family on their business’s 100-year anniversary. E. Marinella is a Neapolitan institution and one of the most famous tie-makers in the world. The list of customers, past and present, is like a roll call of the great and the good with names including the likes of Aristotle Onassis, John F Kennedy, Giovanni Agnelli, Luca di Montezemolo and Bill Clinton. This anniversary celebrates three generations of the Marinella dynasty and the brand’s impressive heritage, which looks set to grow. E. Marinella continues to thrive under the current direction of Maurizio Marinella. So what started in a small store in Naples in 1914 is now truly an international phenomenon - E. Marinella now has stores in Milan, London, Tokyo, Lugano and Baku.