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  • November 24, 2015

    Limited Edition Maggie's Scarf Collection Launch Night at Luxury Boutique Jane Davidson, Edinburgh

    On Thursday November 19, 2015, journalist and television presenter Kirsty Wark, hosted a charity evening at Edinburgh boutique Jane Davidson to launch Begg & Co’s limited edition scarves in aid of Maggie’s Centres. The event was the perfect mix – fun and informative with a spade-full of fashion insiders’ tips.


    Maggie's Begg & Co Limited Edition Wispy Collection One of the four limited edition scarves


    Kirsty Wark’s Story of Maggie’s & Cold-calling Begg & Co
    As patron of Maggie’s, Kirsty Wark introduced the packed store to the Maggie’s story and the Begg & Co collaboration: “Architect Maggie Keswick Jenks was diagnosed with cancer at the Western General in Edinburgh. When she came out of her diagnosis she was completely banjaxed. She just wanted to somewhere to go and sit down and have a cup of tea, to talk to somebody and there was nowhere. She was standing by a derelict stable block outside the Western General and she said to herself I am going to create a centre right here. In fact it wasn’t ready before she died but she had had this idea of creating a centre for holistic health where people could go after treatment for a cup of tea, advice, Tai Chi or anything at all. So the first centre was born. Twenty years ago I got involved when I was asked to open the centre’s extension just when my father had had lung cancer and then died of a heart attack. It really is the most amazing charity and everybody will know somebody who has been involved with Maggie’s. We are now in every NHS hospital space in Scotland but continue to expand in other ways. It costs £600,000 a year to run a centre and fundraising for running costs is always very hard. We are always trying to think of imaginative ways of trying to engage people and then along comes Begg.
    "Begg & Co just happens to be the best cashmere in the world. I am an Ayrshire girl so always knew about Begg & Co. Two years ago I essentially cold-called Ann Ryley, Begg & Co’s sales director, with this idea and she took it forward and embraced it. She has worked her socks off and now we have four Maggie’s scarves, 100 of each. They are numbered one to 100 and there will be no more.”

    Sarah Murry Owner of Jane Davidson Demonstrating Ways To Tie A Scarf

    Sarah Murray’s Fashion Insider Tips & Her Personal Experience of Maggie’s
    Sarah Murray, owner of Jane Davidson, treated the packed store to a demonstration of how to wear the scarves in various ways this autumn/winter - from simple loops to impressively stylish knots. Sarah, who has personal experience of the Western General’s Maggie’s, also spoke passionately of her times there after diagnosis and successful treatment of breast cancer: "Mine is not a sad story. My cancer was very treatable. The NHS sorted me out physically but Maggie’s sorted me out with the rest. First thing everyone should know about Maggie’s is that it is a really cheery place, very bright and light. I attended relaxation classes to help with the shock of diagnosis. The nutrition course I took helped me navigate through my panic about what I should and shouldn’t eat. In addition, during one month long session of my treatment I used the centre as a safe haven. I would read the paper, have a cup of tea, chat to other centre users or borrow a book from the amazingly extensive cancer library. At low points I would have counselling. The staff at Maggie’s understand cancer both emotionally and physically. They understand the shock, disbelief, anger and grief. By working all of that at Maggie’s I was able to get back to life and I will always be hugely grateful to Maggie’s for enabling me to get back on track."

    Outfit Inspo from Jane Davidson


    Begg & Co’s Ann Ryley On the Maggie’s Collaboration & The Scarves
    Ann Ryley, sales director at Begg & Co explains the beginnings of this unique tie-up: “After the initial conversation with Kirsty I visited the Maggie’s centre at Gartnaval General Hopsital in Glasgow. I saw firsthand that this was a fabulous charity to be associated with. I also feel Begg & Co share similar values with Maggie’s in terms of quality and design. So what started with the idea of one scarf grew to become a limited line of four. These scarves have been designed by the Begg team, in conjunction with Angela Bell of Queene & Belle and they are inspired by some of the gardens and architecture of the Maggie’s centres across Scotland.”



  • November 16, 2015

    Herald Fashion Awards

    We are so happy to have won The Herald's 'Luxury Online Retailer of the Year' award!!!