June's Pitt Uomo marked the launch of our 150th anniversary celebrations.
We have taken the Begg & Co heritage cashmere shades and put a new spin on them by re-weaving the colours into a new contemporary Scottish palette ... a palette which celebrates Begg’s 150 years and sense of place within an ever changing Scottish landscape. We will release a special collection of 150 new cashmere colours in  a variety of signature weights from our Arran oyster ripple finish to our super lightweight Wispy.



To kick things off we asked some friends of Begg & Co to select their favourite scarf from the 150 collection and tell us why they love it.



Mats Klingberg
Owner of Trunk Clothiers

"The scarf is nice and light. I like the colour because it’s a good alternative to navy…I always wear navy!"


Tim Yates
Trunk Clothiers

"I like the lightness of the scarf. As for the colour, grey goes with everything and this is an especially happy grey which I love."


Keita Hiraoka
Trunk Clothiers

"Both the colour and texture of the scarf is good; the melange effect is beautiful."



Eisuke Yamashita
Fashion Director Men’s Precious Magazine

"My favourite colour is beige so the melange orange matches perfectly. The softness of the orange is very nice as orange can be quiet strong. The richness of the weight and touch is amazing."



Marcus Söderlind
Nitty Gritty

"I usually wear black so I always like to choose something that goes well with black and grey is perfect. This scarf is not too thick so could be worn indoors as well as outdoors."



Mr Hiroyasu Ohta
Brand Director
United Arrows – The Sovereign House

"I have played Japanese Kendo since I was a child, the colour of the uniform is always indigo -  I really like the familiarity of the colour of this scarf. The quality is fabulous as well as the colour, especially for a cool spring evening."


We also commemorate our anniversary with an elegant special edition Arran scarf in a bold check that incorporates all of the 150 colours.
This is a limited edition of just 150 scarves, each clearly numbered and labeled.

Launches end August 2016.