We were lucky to have a visit in Ayr from the stylish Mats Klingberg. Mats is the owner and founder of London store Trunk Clothiers, which features collections of the best menswear and accessories from Japan, Italy, the US, Sweden, the UK and beyond. We asked him his impressions of his tour around our factory.


Mats, you've had an extensive tour around the factory. What are your first impressions?

Very impressed! It’s amazing to see all the different things – old and new machines, some 100 years old, and others brand new specially designed collaborations. It is wonderful to see all the love and time that go into making the final offering of a Begg & Co scarf.
It was difficult to imagine the processes even though I have had this explained to me many times however, after experiencing it I love Begg even more! There really are no corners cut.


Before you stepped inside were you aware how many steps were involved in the process of a Begg & Co scarf?

No – even when it has been explained but when you get to see it with your own eyes it’s much easier to take in and simply amazing to see.


And so now you know, there is a lot of old-meets-new technology within the production process, which of the steps within the journey of one scarf really impressed you and sets a Begg & Co scarf apart from its competitors?

Where to start?!  In particular the milling machine which has stocks that almost punch the fabric (Mats gave us a wonderful demonstration of this), the old Paper Press, how you wash your cashmere for longer than others in the industry, the investment in new machinery to specially wash newly introduced fabrics and finally I was amazed by how quiet the factory was. It wasn’t like the industrial environment I imagined.

Mats visit to Begg and Company


How do you work a scarf into your everyday look?

Primarily when cold but often with London’s weather there is no need to wear a coat – wrapping up in a big Begg & Co scarf is ideal for the temperatures.


Do you have different ways to tie a scarf for different occasions?

I tend to have a standard wrap around look when it’s cold but to create a more elegant look I just wear it open and have it hanging neatly down the sides of my jacket.


If you could tell the world about what makes a Begg & Co scarf stand out when you pick one up for the first time - what three words would you use?