Made in Scotland since 1866

  • June 1, 2017

    Voyage Travel Blanket

    RONA WASHED/ 100% CASHMERE/130x180CM



    The Voyage Travel Blanket is woven in best grade 100% Cashmere in a twill weave structure.

    Design details include a milled ‘artisan’ finish with deconstructed fringe and a bold contrast twill stripe.

    “The epitome of slow transitional fashion”.



    The oversized silhouette means it has Multi-functional uses:
    – Blanket
    – Shawl
    – Travel blanket
    – Wrap
    – Oversize scarf



    Perfect for:
    – City
    – Holiday
    – Yacht
    – Jet


  • May 26, 2017

    'Troupe' by Susan Stockwell


    What were your first thoughts when you were approached by Begg & Co to create this sculpture? 

    I was Intrigued about how such a collaboration would take shape.I had images in my head from the start, which weren’t that different to the finished work.


    What have you learnt about Begg & Co in your research?

    They’re a small friendly company specialising in a high-end product, drawing on old traditional techniques combined with contemporary designs and methods, this combination is what produces their very beautiful, unique, fine textile scarves.

    They are NOT corporate, which was reassuring and I think contributes to the special uniqueness of the scarves.


    Did your visit to the factory inspire you?

    Yes, it gave me lots of ideas, particularly with the large reels/bobbins; I had an idea for a huge scale installation from seeing them, a sort of giant’s textile studio! I loved the machines, both old and new and it’s the juxtaposition of old and contemporary that I’m interested in with my own work. I have explored this in other contexts, such as ‘Flood’ in York, which was a massive installation made from recycled computer power supplies sited in an 11th century deconsecrated church.

    I was fascinated with the repetition, of many things, such as coloured threads, machines, reels and of methods being repeated, over and over, this again is what I explore in my own practice. There were lots of parallels with my processes and the processes used by Begg & Co, though in a different context and with a different outcome. I grew up in Manchester in the 1960’s when the remnants of the textile industry were still in evidence, I visited old textile mills and studied the history of Manchester and its textile industry so visiting Begg & Co’s factory and seeing these processes wasn’t unfamiliar to me. However its far more refined and contemporary.


    What struck you about all the steps in the production of a Begg & Co scarf?

    The attention to detail, at every stage.

    Inventive problem solving in order to get what they want, however tricky.


    Were there any parts of the process that surprised you? Or even, did the number of processes in the production of a scarf surprise you?

    Yes and No, I know that to make anything well and to that quality and design it takes much, thought, work, time and dedication so in that way no but seeing it of course I was surprised because it was so finely tuned and there was so much attention to every detail. I think the quality control and checking every inch again and again surprised me most. Some of the clever methods used to resolve weaving problems with fine materials was delightfully surprising!


    And how did you use what you learned about the brand's heritage and production values in the creation of 'Troupe'?

    I made figures that draw from, or play on traditional shirt front designs.

    I also worked with a small fine art metal workshop so that the same care and thought could be applied to the works at every step of the process, in order to make them individual and not have a corporate or machine made feel.


    Tell us a little about the process of its creation and how the metal juxtaposes with the softness of the cashmere scarves?

    I began making drawings to develop the design of the figures and work through different ideas on paper. I checked in with Begg & Co’s Sales & Marketing Director, Ann Ryley along the way to get feedback and her thoughts and contributions. I had a couple of old manikins in my studio, which I used to test scarves on, to be sure that the forms I made would hold and show off all the scarves fully. I realised that as well as the chest the neck and shoulder forms are crucial, acting as the main structure or scaffold which gives the scarves their 3D form. This was pivotal in my decisions when making the full necks, shoulders and chests on each figure. However keeping this structure as minimal as I could get away with so it looked good yet presented options to hang, wrap, tie and display the scarves in a diverse multitude of ways. Long outstretched arms, hooks, hands, legs, curved metal bars spaced and bent in many directions.


    Have there been challenges along the way?

    Of course! I think that’s inevitable with commissions and when working creatively with others.

    I prefer to refer to these challenges as creative problem solving!


    How was working with metal as a material for you – is it something you’ve experimented with in the past anyway?

    Great! I did work with metal when I was at college and have worked with materials that behave similarly, such as computer components, which are a combination of metal and other hard materials. Working with metal, welding, grinding bending opened up possibilities for new works and ways to resolve issues I have with other work.



    The end result is Troupe – what do you believe are the successes of this project? Are you pleased with it?

    Yes I’m VERY pleased with it!

    Its quirky, strong and harks back to some of my old work.

    The figures do work as scarf display units – they’re fit for purpose and I love the juxtaposition of the steel with the soft textiles, one compliments the other and enhances their difference...the scarves look even softer against the steel, there’s a tacit quality about it.



    If you could describe the process of working with Begg & Co in three words what would they be?





    And what have you learnt from working with Begg & Co?

    That it can be great as an artist to collaborate with industry especially with a small company like Begg & Co, it’s more intimate, I got to meet lots of their employees and really see how the company works. It is a great, well run company and I wish there were more companies like Begg & Co out there, companies who are willing to work with artists and be open and confident enough to believe in their product enough to take this kind of a risk. It is a risk relying on trust and belief.


    Are you a natural scarf wearer?

    YES, especially my new Begg & Co Staffa Rouge!

  • November 2, 2016

    Celebrating 150 Years of Luxury

    Begg & Co says happy anniversary by pushing the boundaries of colour and craft

    How to mark this significant Begg & Co 150-year anniversary? A question that Sales & Marketing Director Ann Ryley, the creatives and production team at Begg & Co had been asking themselves as the brand approached its 150-year landmark. Inspired by the brand’s heritage of creating beautiful colours in the most luxurious cashmere, they firstly came up with the idea of producing a special collection of plain scarves in 150 cashmere colours inspired by Scottish landscapes and seascapes.

    The Colours of Begg & Co

    “We have taken our heritage cashmere shades and put a new spin on them by reweaving the colours into a contemporary and unique palette of heather, moss and sea blues. This palette celebrates Begg’s 150 years in an ever-changing Scottish landscape,” says Ann Ryley of the extensive collection, which includes 34 completely new colours of plain scarves in Begg & Co’s signature weights from the lightweight Wispy to the more traditional Arran.


    One Scarf, 150 Colours


    With all the hard work needed to create the 150-strong shade palette Begg & Co decided why not further push the production wizardry of the Begg & Co manufacturing team by using these 150 shades in one limited edition bold check scarf. Only 150 of these have been made for sale globally and each one is numbered and labelled with a special anniversary label. The manufacturing process used to create the anniversary 150-coloured check scarf was a complex one. In order to incorporate 150 different cashmere shades within the design, six warp and 25 weft colours were required. In layman terms, this meant that five cones of different coloured yarns needed constant changing – sometimes five times in an hour – throughout the weaving process.




    Global Celebrations

    The hard work has paid off. Now the collection of 150 colours of Begg & Co in 150 scarves is currently on display in a bespoke cabinet stores worldwide.

    It launched in The Conran Store in Paris during Design Week and Paris Fashion Week.


    It is now also showing in Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Fenwick of Bond Street in London, Lansmere in Seoul and United Arrows in Tokyo.


    Between now and Christmas this special display will also launch at SKP in Beijing and a number of other Japanese stores.

    The anniversary scarf is also available through global stockists
    and through the Begg & Co online store.

  • October 24, 2016

    Mats Klingberg of Trunk visits Begg & Co HQ

    We were lucky to have a visit in Ayr from the stylish Mats Klingberg. Mats is the owner and founder of London store Trunk Clothiers, which features collections of the best menswear and accessories from Japan, Italy, the US, Sweden, the UK and beyond. We asked him his impressions of his tour around our factory.


    Mats, you've had an extensive tour around the factory. What are your first impressions?

    Very impressed! It’s amazing to see all the different things – old and new machines, some 100 years old, and others brand new specially designed collaborations. It is wonderful to see all the love and time that go into making the final offering of a Begg & Co scarf.
    It was difficult to imagine the processes even though I have had this explained to me many times however, after experiencing it I love Begg even more! There really are no corners cut.


    Before you stepped inside were you aware how many steps were involved in the process of a Begg & Co scarf?

    No – even when it has been explained but when you get to see it with your own eyes it’s much easier to take in and simply amazing to see.


    And so now you know, there is a lot of old-meets-new technology within the production process, which of the steps within the journey of one scarf really impressed you and sets a Begg & Co scarf apart from its competitors?

    Where to start?!  In particular the milling machine which has stocks that almost punch the fabric (Mats gave us a wonderful demonstration of this), the old Paper Press, how you wash your cashmere for longer than others in the industry, the investment in new machinery to specially wash newly introduced fabrics and finally I was amazed by how quiet the factory was. It wasn’t like the industrial environment I imagined.

    Mats visit to Begg and Company


    How do you work a scarf into your everyday look?

    Primarily when cold but often with London’s weather there is no need to wear a coat – wrapping up in a big Begg & Co scarf is ideal for the temperatures.


    Do you have different ways to tie a scarf for different occasions?

    I tend to have a standard wrap around look when it’s cold but to create a more elegant look I just wear it open and have it hanging neatly down the sides of my jacket.


    If you could tell the world about what makes a Begg & Co scarf stand out when you pick one up for the first time - what three words would you use?


  • July 29, 2016

    Airport Chic


    Actresses, models, singers - celebrities are forever jet-setting across the globe so it makes sense to look to their well-seasoned airport dressing codes to inspire our own. The scarf seems to top their list for must-have accessory on a flight. Indeed the scarf is a multi-tasker while travelling. It not only completes your look on departure and arrival but can be wrapped around you en-route to combat the cool in-flight air-con. Travel perfection.

    Here are our favourite five VIP scarf-wearing travellers and how you can get the look:

    Sienna Miller

    Style icon and actress Sienna Miller jets back from Cannes in a lightweight pale blue wraparound.

    Get the look: Choose the Wispy Superfine Lightweight Cashmere Scarf in Ciel to imitate her jetset style.



    Kate Beckinsale

    LA-based British actress Kate Beckinsale saunters through London Heathrow in monochromes and graphic print. She softens the overall effect with a scarf in a light stone.

    Get the look: Try similar with the Begg & Co Fiji Lightweight Scarf in Grey Stone.


    Bar Refaeli

    Model Bar Refaeli hits stores in Milan airport wearing classic shadesof grey topped by a luxuriously soft silver grey scarf.

    Get the look: Replicate her style with a Washed Kishorn Cashmere Scarf in a similar Flannel Grey.



    Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston touches down in London with her perfect white summer scarf effortlessly draped on. The dark border gives it a ‘designed with a twist’ edge.

    Get the look: The dark selvedge stripe on this Fiji Lightweight Cashmere Cotton Mix Scarf ticks the same boxes as Jennifer’s summer scarf.


    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow flies from London to New York with a failsafe oversized, soft grey scarf adding the perfect finish to her all black look.

    Get the look: The Oversized Cashmere Mid-grey Superfine Wispy Scarf will create the same effect.



    Image Credit:
    Sienna Miller -, Kate Beckinsale - Glam Radar, Bar Refaeli - Mailonline, Jennifer Aniston - Instyle, Gwyneth Paltrow - StyleBistro

  • June 21, 2016

    Pitti Uomo June 2016

    June's Pitt Uomo marked the launch of our 150th anniversary celebrations.
    We have taken the Begg & Co heritage cashmere shades and put a new spin on them by re-weaving the colours into a new contemporary Scottish palette ... a palette which celebrates Begg’s 150 years and sense of place within an ever changing Scottish landscape. We will release a special collection of 150 new cashmere colours in  a variety of signature weights from our Arran oyster ripple finish to our super lightweight Wispy.



    To kick things off we asked some friends of Begg & Co to select their favourite scarf from the 150 collection and tell us why they love it.



    Mats Klingberg
    Owner of Trunk Clothiers

    "The scarf is nice and light. I like the colour because it’s a good alternative to navy…I always wear navy!"


    Tim Yates
    Trunk Clothiers

    "I like the lightness of the scarf. As for the colour, grey goes with everything and this is an especially happy grey which I love."


    Keita Hiraoka
    Trunk Clothiers

    "Both the colour and texture of the scarf is good; the melange effect is beautiful."



    Eisuke Yamashita
    Fashion Director Men’s Precious Magazine

    "My favourite colour is beige so the melange orange matches perfectly. The softness of the orange is very nice as orange can be quiet strong. The richness of the weight and touch is amazing."



    Marcus Söderlind
    Nitty Gritty

    "I usually wear black so I always like to choose something that goes well with black and grey is perfect. This scarf is not too thick so could be worn indoors as well as outdoors."



    Mr Hiroyasu Ohta
    Brand Director
    United Arrows – The Sovereign House

    "I have played Japanese Kendo since I was a child, the colour of the uniform is always indigo -  I really like the familiarity of the colour of this scarf. The quality is fabulous as well as the colour, especially for a cool spring evening."


    We also commemorate our anniversary with an elegant special edition Arran scarf in a bold check that incorporates all of the 150 colours.
    This is a limited edition of just 150 scarves, each clearly numbered and labeled.

    Launches end August 2016.

  • January 21, 2016

    Pitti Uomo January 2016


    How To Wear It

    We challenged five stylish men attending the January 2016 edition of the ultimate menswear show, Pitti Uomo in Florence, to reveal how they will be wearing their favourite Begg & Co scarf


    1. Massimo Alba
    Founder of Massimo Alba

    Massimo Alba, Founder of Massimo Alba wearing Wispy Square Scarf in Navy. Available Online Now. Massimo Alba, Founder of Massimo Alba wearing Wispy Square Scarf in Navy. Available Online Now.

    What accessory transforms your look from mundane to miraculous?
    Handkerchief in trouser pocket.

    Describe your general style?
    Easy formal as always, I never like to be overdressed.

    Which item never gets left out of your suitcase for business or pleasure?
    A blue blazer.

    Which collection here at Pitti has your attention?
    Begüm Khan.

    Your timeless style icon?
    Muhammad Ali.

    How have you tied your Begg & Co scarf today?
    In a effortless and easy knot.


    2. Bruce Pask
    Men's Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman

    Bruce Pask, Men's Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman wearing new Cashmere Harding Silver Denim. Available AW 2016. Bruce Pask, Men's Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman wearing new Cashmere Harding Silver Denim.  Available AW 2016.

    What accessory transforms your look from mundane to miraculous?
    I do love a scarf and how wearing one in any of the number of ways one can knot one can really personalize a look. It adds just that extra little bit of personal style.

    Describe your general style?
    I have a pretty standard uniform made up of tailored pieces, whether sportcoats or suits, worn with a mixture of casual and more formal pieces:a denim shirt with a knit tie, or a suit with sneakers. I like to balance the dressy with the more relaxed.

    Which item never gets left out of your suitcase for business or pleasure?
    I never travel without my vintage Helmut Lang denim jacket. And I always travel with a swimsuit...stays packed in my carryon. You never know where you're going to be, whatever the season.

    Which collection here at Pitti has your attention?
    I always look forward the incredible variety of craftsmen and vendors here at Pitti. Sweater designers, shoemakers, well established luxury brands and new, small designer lines. You never know what you are going to find here or what is going to catch your eye, but I always leave Florence inspired and energized to start the new season.

    Your timeless style icon?
    Hmm. That's a hard one. 1960's era George Peppard (Breakfast at Tiffany's) was pretty great.

    How have you tied your Begg & Co scarf today and what would be the ideal outfit to wear it with?
    I do a pretty standard wraparound and knot. it's quite practical as it really keeps the heat in. I love how this plaid plays off of the colors of my tweed sportjacket. I think it's pretty neutral and will go well with quite a lot of looks, but I do think it would look great with a denim jacket as well.


    Director, Senior Operating Officer/Creative Director & Director/Buyer at BEAMS

    The Beams team wearing New Hoy, Wispy and Emu qualities all available from AW16. The Beams team wearing New Hoy, Wispy and Emu qualities. All will be available from AW16.

    What accessory transforms your look from mundane to miraculous?
    Pocket square- it's good to wear with a suit jacket which I have many of - TATSUYA NAKAMURA

    Describe your look today?
    Relaxed, more weekend casual. Easy and comfortabl for walking around the exhibition and working. Blackwatch tartan is a classic but I love to make it look modern and different - TATSUYA NAKAMURA

    Which item never gets left out of your suitcase for business or pleasure?
    A lightweight scarf for when I travel just in case I get cold -TATSUYA NAKAMURA

    Which trend have you noticed coming through this Pitti?
    Vintage look inspired by military coats, it's really interesting -TATSUYA NAKAMURA

    Your timeless style icon?
    Lapo Elkann - SHUHEI YOSHIDA
    Grandfather, he was a wholesale agent for fabrics- TATSUYA NAKAMURA

    How have you tied your Begg & Co scarf today and what would be the ideal outfit to wear it with?
    Natural tying, to create a laid back look - SHUHEI YOSHIDA
    As it is a lightweight scarf I tied a neat tight knot to keep it looking smart and clean - TATSUYA NAKAMURA
    I wrapped the scarf around me naturally as if I had just thrown it on - SHUHEI NISHIGUCHI

  • December 11, 2015

    Christmas at Begg & Co


    Searching for the perfect present for that special someone?
    It has never been easier.




    The Sartorialist
    He’s the man who can’t leave the house without checking his reflection because for him that one thread out of place is a bad place to be. He loves the best things in life so give just that with the "Arran Cashmere Scarf" in Slate.

    The Countryphile
    Whether he’s a real deal farmer or just a weekend pretender, when he’s living the rural dream the Countryphile likes to look the part so treat him to the "Kishorn Deakin Tartan Cashmere Scarf" in Blue.

    The City Slicker
    He needs the perfect scarf to team with his bespoke suit and classic wool Crombie-style coat. Give him perfection with the "Nuance Colour Graded Cashmere Scarf" in Oxide.

    The Hipster
    He’s got the beard but the achingly thought-through alternative wardrobe lacks a little something? The "Wispy Superfine Cashmere Avignon Check Scarf" in Navy Denim will fill that sartorial gap just dandy.




    The Fashionista
    Less bang on trend and more ahead of the fashion curve, this is one woman who needs to have the next big thing before it is just that. The "Emu Tutsa Lambswool/Angora Oversize Scarf/Wrap" in Grey Red is the answer to your gift-giving dilemma.

    The Ruralist
    Stylish but practical is her wardrobe motto so give her exactly that and wrap the "Arran Cashmere Tartan Scarf" in Black Watch up and put it under the tree. Just what she needs.

    The High Flyer
    From in-flight cover-up to throw-on finishing touch, the High Flyer in your life needs an accessory that works has hard as she does. The "Wispy Superfine Cashmere Triple Dot Printed Scarf" in Black will take her everywhere she needs to go.

    The Everywoman
    She is the ultimate multi-tasker that cleverly juggles family, work, friendships and everything else in-between. Show her she is worth it with a "Wispy Superfine Cashmere Roving Thistle Print Scarf" in Denim.

    For UK (mainland) deliveries order by 12pm on 23rd December and receive in time for Christmas Day.

    Get Our Holiday Shipping Dates Here

  • November 24, 2015

    Limited Edition Maggie's Scarf Collection Launch Night at Luxury Boutique Jane Davidson, Edinburgh

    On Thursday November 19, 2015, journalist and television presenter Kirsty Wark, hosted a charity evening at Edinburgh boutique Jane Davidson to launch Begg & Co’s limited edition scarves in aid of Maggie’s Centres. The event was the perfect mix – fun and informative with a spade-full of fashion insiders’ tips.


    Maggie's Begg & Co Limited Edition Wispy Collection One of the four limited edition scarves


    Kirsty Wark’s Story of Maggie’s & Cold-calling Begg & Co
    As patron of Maggie’s, Kirsty Wark introduced the packed store to the Maggie’s story and the Begg & Co collaboration: “Architect Maggie Keswick Jenks was diagnosed with cancer at the Western General in Edinburgh. When she came out of her diagnosis she was completely banjaxed. She just wanted to somewhere to go and sit down and have a cup of tea, to talk to somebody and there was nowhere. She was standing by a derelict stable block outside the Western General and she said to herself I am going to create a centre right here. In fact it wasn’t ready before she died but she had had this idea of creating a centre for holistic health where people could go after treatment for a cup of tea, advice, Tai Chi or anything at all. So the first centre was born. Twenty years ago I got involved when I was asked to open the centre’s extension just when my father had had lung cancer and then died of a heart attack. It really is the most amazing charity and everybody will know somebody who has been involved with Maggie’s. We are now in every NHS hospital space in Scotland but continue to expand in other ways. It costs £600,000 a year to run a centre and fundraising for running costs is always very hard. We are always trying to think of imaginative ways of trying to engage people and then along comes Begg.
    "Begg & Co just happens to be the best cashmere in the world. I am an Ayrshire girl so always knew about Begg & Co. Two years ago I essentially cold-called Ann Ryley, Begg & Co’s sales director, with this idea and she took it forward and embraced it. She has worked her socks off and now we have four Maggie’s scarves, 100 of each. They are numbered one to 100 and there will be no more.”

    Sarah Murry Owner of Jane Davidson Demonstrating Ways To Tie A Scarf

    Sarah Murray’s Fashion Insider Tips & Her Personal Experience of Maggie’s
    Sarah Murray, owner of Jane Davidson, treated the packed store to a demonstration of how to wear the scarves in various ways this autumn/winter - from simple loops to impressively stylish knots. Sarah, who has personal experience of the Western General’s Maggie’s, also spoke passionately of her times there after diagnosis and successful treatment of breast cancer: "Mine is not a sad story. My cancer was very treatable. The NHS sorted me out physically but Maggie’s sorted me out with the rest. First thing everyone should know about Maggie’s is that it is a really cheery place, very bright and light. I attended relaxation classes to help with the shock of diagnosis. The nutrition course I took helped me navigate through my panic about what I should and shouldn’t eat. In addition, during one month long session of my treatment I used the centre as a safe haven. I would read the paper, have a cup of tea, chat to other centre users or borrow a book from the amazingly extensive cancer library. At low points I would have counselling. The staff at Maggie’s understand cancer both emotionally and physically. They understand the shock, disbelief, anger and grief. By working all of that at Maggie’s I was able to get back to life and I will always be hugely grateful to Maggie’s for enabling me to get back on track."

    Outfit Inspo from Jane Davidson


    Begg & Co’s Ann Ryley On the Maggie’s Collaboration & The Scarves
    Ann Ryley, sales director at Begg & Co explains the beginnings of this unique tie-up: “After the initial conversation with Kirsty I visited the Maggie’s centre at Gartnaval General Hopsital in Glasgow. I saw firsthand that this was a fabulous charity to be associated with. I also feel Begg & Co share similar values with Maggie’s in terms of quality and design. So what started with the idea of one scarf grew to become a limited line of four. These scarves have been designed by the Begg team, in conjunction with Angela Bell of Queene & Belle and they are inspired by some of the gardens and architecture of the Maggie’s centres across Scotland.”



  • November 16, 2015

    Herald Fashion Awards

    We are so happy to have won The Herald's 'Luxury Online Retailer of the Year' award!!!