Actresses, models, singers - celebrities are forever jet-setting across the globe so it makes sense to look to their well-seasoned airport dressing codes to inspire our own. The scarf seems to top their list for must-have accessory on a flight. Indeed the scarf is a multi-tasker while travelling. It not only completes your look on departure and arrival but can be wrapped around you en-route to combat the cool in-flight air-con. Travel perfection.

Here are our favourite five VIP scarf-wearing travellers and how you can get the look:

Sienna Miller

Style icon and actress Sienna Miller jets back from Cannes in a lightweight pale blue wraparound.

Get the look: Choose the Wispy Superfine Lightweight Cashmere Scarf in Ciel to imitate her jetset style.



Kate Beckinsale

LA-based British actress Kate Beckinsale saunters through London Heathrow in monochromes and graphic print. She softens the overall effect with a scarf in a light stone.

Get the look: Try similar with the Begg & Co Fiji Lightweight Scarf in Grey Stone.


Bar Refaeli

Model Bar Refaeli hits stores in Milan airport wearing classic shadesof grey topped by a luxuriously soft silver grey scarf.

Get the look: Replicate her style with a Washed Kishorn Cashmere Scarf in a similar Flannel Grey.



Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston touches down in London with her perfect white summer scarf effortlessly draped on. The dark border gives it a ‘designed with a twist’ edge.

Get the look: The dark selvedge stripe on this Fiji Lightweight Cashmere Cotton Mix Scarf ticks the same boxes as Jennifer’s summer scarf.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow flies from London to New York with a failsafe oversized, soft grey scarf adding the perfect finish to her all black look.

Get the look: The Oversized Cashmere Mid-grey Superfine Wispy Scarf will create the same effect.



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