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  • December 11, 2015

    Christmas at Begg & Co


    Searching for the perfect present for that special someone?
    It has never been easier.




    The Sartorialist
    He’s the man who can’t leave the house without checking his reflection because for him that one thread out of place is a bad place to be. He loves the best things in life so give just that with the "Arran Cashmere Scarf" in Slate.

    The Countryphile
    Whether he’s a real deal farmer or just a weekend pretender, when he’s living the rural dream the Countryphile likes to look the part so treat him to the "Kishorn Deakin Tartan Cashmere Scarf" in Blue.

    The City Slicker
    He needs the perfect scarf to team with his bespoke suit and classic wool Crombie-style coat. Give him perfection with the "Nuance Colour Graded Cashmere Scarf" in Oxide.

    The Hipster
    He’s got the beard but the achingly thought-through alternative wardrobe lacks a little something? The "Wispy Superfine Cashmere Avignon Check Scarf" in Navy Denim will fill that sartorial gap just dandy.




    The Fashionista
    Less bang on trend and more ahead of the fashion curve, this is one woman who needs to have the next big thing before it is just that. The "Emu Tutsa Lambswool/Angora Oversize Scarf/Wrap" in Grey Red is the answer to your gift-giving dilemma.

    The Ruralist
    Stylish but practical is her wardrobe motto so give her exactly that and wrap the "Arran Cashmere Tartan Scarf" in Black Watch up and put it under the tree. Just what she needs.

    The High Flyer
    From in-flight cover-up to throw-on finishing touch, the High Flyer in your life needs an accessory that works has hard as she does. The "Wispy Superfine Cashmere Triple Dot Printed Scarf" in Black will take her everywhere she needs to go.

    The Everywoman
    She is the ultimate multi-tasker that cleverly juggles family, work, friendships and everything else in-between. Show her she is worth it with a "Wispy Superfine Cashmere Roving Thistle Print Scarf" in Denim.

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  • November 20, 2014

    Hattie Crisell, Why Stylish Women Can't Resist A Scarf

    What do you do?
    When people ask what I do, I tell them I'm a journalist – but I think I'm more of a writer. Writing is my comfort zone. Journalism is how I've turned it into a job.

    Where do you do it?
    I'm the London correspondent for New York magazine’s fashion website, The Cut – which means that I cover events like London Fashion Week, and I interview Brits who are doing fascinating work in fashion and photography. I have also written for The Debrief, Vulture, Fashionista, Woman & Home and Never Underdressed, among others.

    Why do you it?
    There’s nothing that gives me more satisfaction than playing with words and meaning, whether that comes in the form of reporting on style and art, or tweeting a silly one-liner. If I couldn't earn a living from it, I’d be very sad, but I’d be a prolific diary and letter writer.

    Which Begg & Co scarf must be yours?
    I've got my eye on the Wispy Superfine Cashmere Scarf in Poppy.

    How will you wear it?
    I’ll wear it with a dramatic, black winter coat, for a shock of colour (it will stand out against my skin, which always disappoints me by fading to deathly pale during the winter). But the scarf will be equally useful when I take my coat off, acting as an extra layer in a cocktail bar – I’ll sling it around my neck over a sleeveless silk top, to keep me warm without need for a sweater. I've always preferred a scarf to a necklace – but I might go in for a statement piece of jewellery on one wrist. A beautiful bangle or a refined, masculine watch would make a pleasing contrast with the softness of the cashmere.

    A good handbag can be a trophy for your arm, and a pair of shoes can inspire devotion – but I've never experienced a wardrobe love affair quite like I have with the scarf.
    By Hattie Crisell

    It’s got to be a certain kind, of course: wide, cashmere and light as a feather. Get it right and the scarf pulls off the magical trick of combining maximum impact with minimal effort. Just as red lipstick provides instant glamour, a cashmere scarf, looped quickly around me on the way out of the door, transforms me from chaotic to polished – from running-late to fashionably-late. A scarf, to me, is the ultimate in elegance.

    Of course I'm not the first to fall in love with this irresistible accessory; it’s been a staple for some of the world’s most stylish and admired women. Grace Kelly was a fan of a glamorous headscarf, wrapped regally over her hair and tied jauntily at the throat. Kate Moss has a vast collection of trailing, printed scarves to ward off the London chill, and Diane Keaton uses scarves as part of her signature, layered-up look – helping her to remain one of the most distinctive dressers in Hollywood, almost four decades after Annie Hall.

    Perhaps part of the scarf’s appeal is that it’s so versatile – both lightweight and luxuriously soft. You might use it to ward off the air conditioning on a long flight, but it’s smart enough to wear to a party when you arrive. Cashmere is breathable and almost weightless, so you can cover up with it on the beach – yet when the evening turns chilly, it’s the perfect warming wrap. The humble scarf does it all.

    How to shop it

    Of course, the scarf-lover always faces a style dilemma: should it be patterned or plain? Each has its advantages. Pattern makes it easy to be chic; keep your outfit neutral and the scarf becomes a focal point. Loop a luxurious polka-dot scarf over a muted dress, for example, and the effect is like hanging a piece of pop art on a plain wall.

    But then, there’s something powerful about a single, vibrant colour. Think of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, running down the steps of the Louvre, letting her pillarbox-red scarf billow out like a sail. No wonder Fred Astaire was smitten. That’s the image that springs to mind when I look at the Wispy Superfine Cashmere Scarf, for which I have my own little weakness. Like Audrey, I’d choose it in Poppy – the most vibrant of reds, to turn every head on the street.

    Paramount Pictures via Dr Marco Paramount Pictures via Dr Marco

    Finally there’s the size issue, and on this I feel quite firm. Some women suit a dainty silk square, but for me a scarf is at its best when it engulfs you. I like layers of scarf worn nonchalantly around a woman’s neck and shoulders, or tucked into a coat – an abundance of fabric that makes it as cosy and simple as a blanket. To me there’s something chic in that easy comfort – because as the great iconic women all know, effortlessness is eternally in style.