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As we are all in different locations, we have created a shared space to keep in regular contact with everyone. We will be posting daily updates over the next few weeks & encourage everyone to contribute, in order to stay in touch during these strange times. If you did not receive an email please check your junk folder.

NOTE: Please do not share this link with anyone as it is for internal use only.

Mind your Language - Day 8

Focus Becomes Feeling - Day 7

Move your body - Day 6

What makes us successful? - Day 5

Choices - Day 4

Staying Positive - Day 3

Gratitude - Day 2

A message from Ian - Day 1

An Update From HR



Further to Ian’s email earlier in the week regarding the temporary closure of the mill we are mindful of how important it is that we all keep in touch during this time. To ensure we keep our channels of communication open we have several ways in which we plan to share information and continue to hear from all of you. 


We will use the schedule below with the same weekly structure while we are temporarily not working at the mill.  Access to each of the forms of communication will be sent to your personal email address as confirmed last week or your work email if you don’t have a personal email. 


Zoom is an app that you can download to your phone or access from a tablet or home computer – this is essentially like a version of facetime that can have many users at the same time. We’ll share more details but you can download the app here: 



Communication Platform

Hosted by


Thursday 26th March


Ian Laird & others


Tuesday 7th April

Video Call

Ian Laird

3pm via Zoom

Wednesday 1st April

Weekly Email

Barbara Birnie




The zoom calls are optional and we encourage you join in and attend sessions as you are available. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions as to how we can keep in touch with you further and also take care of your colleagues,


Take care and be safe,


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