Introducing the Begg & Co X The Gentlewoman travel blanket 

We have created an exclusive, limited-edition travel blanket with The Gentlewoman. Woven by our master craftspeople in 70% of the finest white for white, sustainably sourced cashmere and 30% Chinese Mulberry silk - it is a work of art.

Penny Martin collaborated with our in-house design team to develop the two coloured unique jacquard design that was inspired by the content pages and text of the magazine.

Begg & Co x The Gentlewoman

 The Gentlewoman is a carefully curated bi-annual magazine that focuses on arts, culture and the redefining of ‘women’s magazines.  

Sustainably made and woven right here in our mill here on Scotland’s West Coast.

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The Technical Process


The Yarn used in the design is a superfine 2/120Nm cashmere 70% and 30% silk.

There are 10,000 metres of yarn in each unit - 10 kilometres!

 The cashmere is the best White-4-White Chinese, 46mm length, 15.5 microns

 The silk is Chinese Mulberry, 65mm length, 11 microns

 The yarn is worsted-spun as ecru and then hank-dyed

 The yarn is then jacquard woven on the loom.




The Basic Finishing Route


Scour (wash) The soft water in Scotland aids the finishing process.

Dry, Press and Cut.

Hands...(always clean) that will touch the blanket on its entire journey through the mill...

 Yarn store, Warping, Knotting, Weaving, Greasy, Perch, Mending, Scouring, Hydro, Tenter, Damping, Specking, Inspection, Pressing, Slitting, Crosscut, Fringe pulling, 100% Inspection, Labelling, Folding/packing and last but not least Boxing and despatch.

 So around 25 processes excluding all the design/technical design input.


Pretty special...we think.

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