The Ideal Accompaniment - A Focus on Scarf Knots for Men

Worn well, a scarf doesn’t just provide warmth and protection against the elements, it adds style to any outfit. A mark of masculinity for centuries, they were once a way of determining rank in the military. Archive images of world-class aviators clearly show how working at high altitudes wasn’t going to deter them from donning their trusted neck attire! The way you tie it says a lot about you, and acts as a symbol of self-expression. Whether worn in subtle hues or bolder, primary colours, there’s a perfect scarf and style for every man. Choosing your signature knot couldn’t be easier – here are our favourites at Begg & Co.

The Drape

The simplest of looks, and can be worn inside or outside coat lapels – just drape around the back of the neck and bring both ends round to the front. It’s important to make sure there are equal lengths of scarf at either side to keep things looking balanced. When worn inside the lapels, the look should neat and classic so be sure the scarf doesn’t extend below the jacket hem.

The Loop

Ideal for all weathers, this method looks just as good over tailoring as it does with a t-shirt. It starts in a similar way to a tie, with one side of the scarf much longer than the other. Simply take the longer end loosely around the back of the neck and return casually to the front. It doesn’t matter if the ends are uneven lengths; for this look, it should always be relaxed and never look too ‘done’.

The Knot

Excellent for times when something quick and secure is needed, this is a fuss-free, preppy style for those on the move. Begin by folding the scarf in half lengthwise, then drape in equal lengths around the neck and bring the two loose ends through the hole. Tighten up if necessary, and then you’re ready to go!

The Ascot

The traditional ‘up and over’ method – perfect for a chunky, tied up look that sits close to the neck for added warmth. Start by laying the scarf around the neck with equal ends brought round to the front. Bring one end under and then over the other. Gently pull this end down and then across the length sitting behind it and tighten or loosen for comfort.

The Wraparound Tuck

Often seen on the streets of Paris, Rome or Madrid, this effortless, continental look is relatively straightforward to achieve. Drape over the neck making sure both ends are the same length. Take one end and put it over the opposite shoulder. Do the same with the other end. Then bring each back round to the front and tuck in both ends, adjusting the volume for the perfect snug fit.