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How to Wear - Stuart Williamson

Stuart Williamson - AW19 Styling

Our friend, Stuart Williamson, fashion editor of Fantastic Man and Stylist talks to us about Winter Style, How to Wear out New Collection and his Top 10 for this season. Click each of the links to shop now, or drop us an email if you have any questions.

 John Booth Graphic Face Tartan Scarf - SOLD OUT

This scarf gives a nice playful touch to any outfit, it's like a fun modern way to enhance a traditional pattern and is a statement thing to own because there's so many colours in it. Depending on how brave you want to be, you can wear with anything, it's universal.

 Bi-colour Beanie - Brown

These are two great colours together, winey burgundy and a bubble-gum pink. I love this hat - it's a fun update on a classic beanie hat and done to a really nice standard - it's what everyone wants in their wardrobe and is an update on a classic beanie. I would recommend wearing this with the split down the middle, it's quite fun.

My favourite colour is orange for AW19 - I think it's a really positive and vibrant colour. I try to steer clear of anything that's black - I don't dress crazy but I'm drawn to things of colour. Doesn't have to be bright colour - a nice brown or orange.

Arran Mack - Blue

Not a lot of people wear their scarf this way, but it's a really easy way to look 'ready' and chic in two minutes. Wrap it over a simple navy coat to change things up a little.

 Jura Tilden Vicuna Scarf

I think it's important for people to know it's okay to be clumsy with knotting your scarf. This is easy to do, especially with this scarf, it's the perfect weight and size. Create a loop at one side and hold two ends on the other side - pull through and knot in the middle.


Wear with, nice wool trousers and navy sweater and have fun.

Jura Patchwork Lydon Blackwatch

For this easy but stylish look, just follow the line of your coat lapel and you get a sneak peak of the pattern on the scarf that pops through your coat.

Portree Charcoal

I love the frayed ends and texture of this scarf, just loosely tied around the neck. It's a nice way to wear your scarf in Winter, and because it's so lightweight, you can keep it on indoors. An essential for Autumn Winter.


This product is currently out of stock.

Cashmere Crew Neck in Vicuna

This Ginger Snap colour is beautiful. Whether it's the crew or roll neck, this is all you need, nothing else. It's one of my Winter essentials and perfect for those who like minimalistic, luxury items. 


'Everyone looks chic in a roll neck'

Vigo Carney in Grey Yellow

My style can be quite preppy and collegiate, so I love a stripe. This is a fun scarf to incorporate into your wardrobe, I did a simple knot for this which gives the perfect varsity look.

Serape - Vicuna

If you are travelling, this is what you want, in either the vicuna colour of grey. It is so nice to have this on a plane, especially long haul. It can disguise loose comfy clothes and doubles up as a blanket in-flight. A must have.

Shawl Collar Cardigan - Grey

You can wear this as a jacket, with a shirt and tie or even a sweater underneathe. Switch out your blazer for this shawl collar knit. It's also nice when pulled up tight and cosy, around the neck, with the top button done. I love this and it's definitely in my top 10.