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Detail Driven - Photographer Josh Hight speaks to Begg & Co about shooting the brand new campaign

Detail Driven - Photographer Josh Hight speaks to Begg & Co about shooting the brand new campaign

Born and raised in Detroit, the American fashion photographer Josh Hight was tasked with capturing the spirit of Begg & Co for our new look website. His images offer a fresh and thoroughly modern perspective on the inner culture of a brand that has been in continuous operation since its inception/establishment in 1866. Josh has managed to express so beautifully, the everyday details of life here on Scotland’s west coast, as well as developing a brand new vision for our collection with absolute sincerity and style. We met up with Josh after shooting the campaign, to find out about his newfound fondness for Ayrshire and the notorious Scottish climate.

You’ve managed to encapsulate the design paradox that exists within Begg & Co – the combination of architectural references and natural scenery. You’ve created images that are clean and bright, whilst remaining traditional and timeless. How did you approach this?

The process was quite a natural response to the environment. I’d never been to that part of Scotland before and was really interested in the mix of industrial and rural landscapes. Working closely with the team at Begg & Co, we knew that we really wanted this campaign to show a different side to the brand – something raw and real, so it was exciting to get a free rein on how to respond to the local environment. We all share a similar aesthetic, which made the shoot days flow really well because it felt so natural to discuss what we’re drawn to visually.

The campaign features still-life and documentary styles alongside fashion photography. How important are these types of images?

As an American, Scotland has always seemed so exotic to me. We talked a lot about the importance of focussing on details, and looking for moments in nature that interact with industry, such as plants intertwining themselves around discarded machinery or rusty old fences. These are the things that inspire me as a photographer, so to be encouraged to hunt for them was really exciting. Zooming in on these incidental snapshots enhance the story and help lift the portraits. They help set the mood.

How does shooting in Scotland differ from other parts of the world you’ve worked in?

As predicted, we experienced every single weather condition possible when we were shooting, but secretly, I absolutely loved it! I like a challenge, and anything’s possible when you’re working with good people, we could move the narrative anyway we wanted. The fact that we had such a variety of different types of natural lighting during the Begg & Co shoot helped to showcase just how diverse the weather can really be in that part of the world. It shapes the way we see our surroundings. Some really nice memories were made working on the campaign. I loved being with like-minded people, driving around the coast and taking long walks to scout out new locations on the cliffs and the beach. It was a joy to work with the brand, and I was happy to witness that even after all those years in business, the mill retains such a family feeling – it was all very refreshing to see.

Josh is also the Creative Director of The Fall, a new bi-annual magazine. Click here to learn more.