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Friends of BEGG & CO

A collection of interviews from friends of Begg & Co as they reveal insight into their lives and current working from home habits.

Photographer - Gordon Burniston

Gordon is a commercial photographer mainly working in design and advertising, based in Glasgow, Scotland. We interviewed Gordon and he told us how he is working from home and adjusting to a temporary new norm. Gordon also shared his photo diary with us. Check out Gordon's takeover playlist below.

ARRAN Aromatics Director - Andrew Russell

We spoke with our neighbour at Arran Aromatics about life on the Isle of Arran during this time and what they are doing to help. Andrew gave us an insight into his daily routine as we adjust to this temporary way of living. 

Bunnahabhain & Deanston – Chiara Giovanacci 

"As my colleagues on Islay can attest, living on Islay has its challenges at times due to the remote location, in fact, Bunnahabhain was only accessible by sea until the 1960s and now the road down to the distillery can be quite hair-raising, so we're used to adapting - whether that be from stormy weather to something more unusual like this virus. What really helps do this is the great community feeling that exists on the island - it's so important to us and whilst there may be 9 distilleries on the island, there's no feeling of great competition - we like to think of them as our extended family!"

Menswear Blogger & Freelance Writer - Jordan Bunker

"I think given this strange time, it's normal to feel a little off-kilter. The first thing to help me stay positive is accepting that I probably won't be able to focus like normal and be less harsh on myself. Letting ideas manifest at a pace which feels manageable and allowing myself time to adapt to this new situation. Since social distancing, I reckon I've spoken more frequently with my friends and group video calls are now the norm."


Read more from our Friend of Begg & Co Jordan Bunker, menswear blogger and freelance writer. 


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Head of Publishing at Gleam Titles - Abigail Bergstrom 

In our digital age, storytelling platforms are ubiquitous, whether it be on social media or a Medium blog. Abigail Bergstrom – founder of literary agency Gleam Titles – seeks out those writers who have used the online space to share their content, and offers representation to help immortalise their stories in print.

Abigail works with brave new voices like Liv Little, Gina Martin, Chidera Eggarue and Munroe Bergdorf and she explains that “the common thread running through our list is books that create positive change. We’re known for representing thought-leaders, law changers, activists and experts.”

Read more from our Friend of Begg & Co Abigail Bergstrom, head of publishing at Gleam Titles.


Photographer - Ronan Mckenzie

Ronan Mckenzie is a photographer and director whose practice is notable for it's sensitivity to honest, relatable emotion and the celebration of individuality. Ronan has worked with brands including Glossier, Nike and Universal Standard, and publications including Luncheon, Magazine Magazine and Garage. Her work as recently been displayed at Aperture Foundation New York, Somerset House London, The National Theatre London, and within I'M HOME, which she created and curated, featuring four black British female photographers and aimed to create a truly accessible art space. Ronan is currently working on a number of projects across mediums including a narrative short film piece. 


Take a break and enjoy some light reading from our recent interview with a friend of Begg & Co Ronan Mckenzie. 

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